Wow (Day 2)

I think that I have said “wow” more times today than I ever had. This morning I woke up at six o’clock to get ready by seven because we finally did our Secret Santa, then we all went and ate breakfast with our color groups, then met and got on the bus to see Hoda Kotb.

There are so many words I could use to describe Hoda’s speech. It was absolutely amazing and very inspirational. Hoda started off as any other journalist- she started wanting to work at one place and got rejected and referred to another news station, this cycle went on nine more times until she found someone that believed in her.

After Hoda we all ate lunch at the George Mason campus in Arlington. After lunch we made the short journey to the Newseum. The amount of amazing things in the Newseum is incredible. Some of my favorite exhibits were the 9/11, the Berlin Wall, the Vietnam War movie/room, the FBI room, and the Pulitzer Prize Winners. I think that something in all of those exhibits just kind of hit close to home for me, and that’s why they had such a great effect on me.

After the Newseum we went to dinner at The Exchange, which had pretty decent hamburgers. After dinner we made our way to the WWII monument which was gorgeous. After the WWII Monument a few of us went to the Vietnam War Monument, where I found one of my relatives that I had no clue would be there. John Michael Hoelscher born on September 28, 1947, in Houston, Texas, was just 18 when he was killed in the war serving in the Marine Corps. After the Vietnam Monument I went and saw Abraham Lincoln and was in complete awe of just how huge it actually was.

Today was just WOW!

See you later!

– Cailynne 🙂



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