FINALLY!!! (Day 1)

Today I finally got to meet my bestfriends. Sunday, July 10 I ran in the middle of the road to hug Maggie, I screamed Cam’s name when I saw him, I almost tripped trying to run when I saw Meghan Hall, I ran down a dorm room hallway to hug Cassandra,  made a group trip to go see Kayla, and there is so many more stories I could tell you about meeting my bestfriends for the first time, but that would take forever and I’m kind of tired! So to sum it all up – WJMC 2016 has FINALLY started and I don’t think I could ever be more excited than how I am right now! I can’t to experience so much more with all of the amazing people here, especially my Optimus Lime Group!

See You Tomorrow!

– Cailynne 🙂


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